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Last update :
October 15, 1999

MAVAW's Current Projects

  • Man to Man : A Training the Trainers Project

    Executive Summary

    The project will be a joint project of the Non Governmental Organisations, Women and Development Studies Group (WDSG) and Men Against Violence Against Women (MAVAW). It will be implemented in two (2) phases:

    Phase I will seek to train fifteen (15) men who are active and influential on a grass-roots level in their communities to sensitise other male residents of the communities to gender issues.

    In Phase II, these men will each set up male outreach groups of approximately fifteen (15) men in their communities to maintain the sensitization activity and continue to disseminate information on gender issues and the various techniques taught at the workshops.

    By completion, the project will have impacted upon at least two hundred and twenty-five (225) men and women and children with whom they come into contact on a daily basis. Experts in the areas of psychology, gender sensitization and re-evaluation counselling will be procured to administer the programme. Six (6) men will be chosen from rural communities while seven (7) others will be selected from urban communities.

    Some topics to be dealt with during the training workshops include :
    gender definition; self-esteem; conflict resolution & anger management; parenting and re-evaluation counselling.

    Executing Agencies

    1.  Women and Development Studies Group
         Centre for Gender Development Studies
         University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
         Contact Person : Vanessa Martina
         Tel. : (868) 622-2735 or (868) 645-3232 Ext. 3548

    2.  Men Against Violence Against Women
         32 New Street, Port of Spain
         Contact Person : Donald Berment
         Tel.: (868) 637-0924

    Project Duration : October 1999 - November 2000

    Project Innovation

    This project represents a unique attempt in Trinidad and Tobago to focus upon a small group of 15 men as opposed to a large target group activity of gender senstisation.

    Previously, organisations such as Lifeline have dealt with issues of masculinity and violence, but with audiences of greater proportions. Not only, however, is the size of the target group with whom direct contact will be made a deviation from past exercises; this will represent the first time that men will be targeted specifically for gender sensitisation with a view to train them and influence others in their communities.

    This project also represents the joint effort and collaboration of a men's movement organisation (MAVAW) and a women's group (WDSG). It manifests a recognition of the need for various organisations and especially the two genders, men and women, to work together for social development.

    Notably, one of the goals of the project, "reaching the man inside" in an attempt to redefine contemporary Caribbean masculinity for the self-development of men and the overall improvement of social relations is the most exciting feature of the project as it recognises the need to address the hurts and violences done to men and women by restrictive and often violent definitions of "manhood" (Miller, 1993).

    As an unprecedented endeavour, the intention would be to produce a Training manual based upon the experiences of this project which could be used to produce similar "Man to Man : Training the Trainers Project" programmes throughout the region, as our research has not uncovered implementation of a similar project anywhere else in the Caribbean.


    It is expected that this project will positively impact on the lives of the following beneficiaries :-

    During Phase I :

    * Participants will be equipped with skills to conduct support groups thereby facilitating ongoing outreach activity.

    * The writing skills of participants should be enhanced due to exposure to writing skills sessions.

    During Phase II :

    * Participants will gain considerable skills in managing interpersonal relations situations.

    * Participants will be empowered through an increase in self awareness and self acceptance through more liberal approaches to issues of masculinity.

    * The women and children with whom the participants interact would be empowered by changes in attitude and a willingness to accept change or choice or both.

    Prospects For Success

    The following factors impact on this proposed project's likelihood for success :

    * Personnel identifies to execute this project are among the best in their fields of expertise and have a great number of years experience. As previously-mentioned, experts will be drawn from the areas of psychology, gender sensitization and re-evaluation counselling. Some such persons have already been approached and have a willingness to participate and confidence in the structure of the proposed programme.

    * The techniques to be employed during the training sessions are among the most powerful tools identified behaviour modification.

    * The goal of "reaching the man inside" is compatible with the re-evaluation counselling aspect of this programme because of the tenets of this type of counselling. It recognises that the dysfunction of a person is directly related to past negative experiences which disable a person's ability to react in their most intelligent capacity when faced with similar situations. By removing the distress which has been created by past experiences, we can find that truly beautiful and effective person capable of maintaining harmonious relationships in all spheres of life. In this project we seek to heighten awareness of the restrictions which the traditional construction of masculinity places on men and women and to improve interpersonal skills which in turn improve the quality of social interactions in daily life. The re-evaluation counselling component is ideally suited for this purpose and therefore significantly contributes to the likelihood of the project's success.


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32 New Street, Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
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